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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentist Columbus, Ga

Do you have an emergency dental care need? There’s no need to panic, we’re here to help! Call your emergency dental clinic, Family Dentistry of Columbus for emergency care

We understand that toothaches, tooth breaks, and more happen when we least expect them to (including when the dentist’s office is closed, especially on nights and weekends!) Contact us 24-hours a day to receive instructions for getting emergency care. Come to us for your Columbus, GA emergency dentist.

We will do our best to accommodate your urgent dental care needs. We understand that the sooner these issues are taken care of, the better your dental health can become. Not to mention your personal comfort that comes from eliminating pain, pressure, or unsightly changes as quickly as possible. Your emergency dentist Columbus, GA

Visit your local dentist at least every six months to get your teeth cleaned and to give the dentist and your hygienist a chance to review the health of your teeth and gums. By seeing your dentist twice a year, your skilled dental team can monitor your oral health and help you prevent problems that may arise. It is best to detect a problem while it is small and manageable, which may prevent a dental emergency or a more comprehensive or expensive treatment. The dentist may suggest more frequent visits, depending on your oral health diagnosis. Most insurance companies cover two dental cleanings per year as part of your comprehensive dental plan. Emergency care is care that is critical and needed as quickly as possible regardless of previous visits. It can happen as a result of trauma, accidents, or many different reasons. Our emergency dental clinic is ready for the unexpected.  

The staff at Family Dentistry of Columbus are experienced and willing to meet your personalized needs, from scheduled cleanings, custom dental services, and repeat appointments to meet your overall dental care needs. Since day one, we continue to work under those same founding points of providing great dental care and always, always putting our patients first. With our values in place, we strive to provide you with the best dental care possible. We are proud to serve the communities of Columbus, GA, Fort Benning, and Phenix City Village in Alabama. Our trained dentists are on call and ready to help you out as soon as possible, no matter what type of dental emergency care you might need, regardless of the day or the time.

Our trained dentists are on call and ready to help you out ASAP, no matter what type of dental emergency you might have experienced.

However, please do not hesitate to contact a doctor or 911 for urgent or dangerous medical conditions.

Contact us with your emergency dental care needs whenever disaster may strike!

Do you want to have the smile of your dreams?