3 Benefits of Chewing Gum: The Myths Debunked

You may be thinking, why is a dentist office writing about the benefits of chewing gum? Or maybe how the two are related. But dental health and chewing gum surprisedly have space at the same table. So grab a stick and let the dental professionals at Family Dentistry of Columbus debunk the myths surrounding this widely accepted habit.

Here are three benefits of a stick of gum you may not have known.

Gum, Not Just Child’s Play

The act of chewing gum may be seen as something a child or teenager does, but actually “gum” chewing has been conducted since ancient times. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), cultures such as the Greeks, Mayans, Native Americans, and the Europeans were all recorded chewing different saps of local trees in their areas. It is believed that ancient people chewed after a meal to help digestion. Also, the same way you may use gum today, it was something to do when you are bored or to stay focused.

Good for Your Teeth – Caresource Dentist

While, obviously, not all gum is good for your teeth, such as triple sugar gum pop, chewing a piece of gum with an ADA seal of approval can be beneficial to your teeth and overall dental health. Not only will your breath be fresher, but certain approved gums fight plaque build-up on your teeth, just by chewing! WOW! Chewing non-sugary gum can also help aid in dry mouth suffers, acid reflux symptoms, and reduce dental erosion.

You Still Need to Brush – Columbus Dentist

While chewing gum has countless benefits to dental health and tooth strength, you still need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once per day. You may be able to have fresher breath after chewing a piece of gum but the gum does not clean in-between your teeth, where plaque hides. There is no substitute for routine dental cleanings and dental office checkups.

Columbus, Georgia’s Trusted Dental Office

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