Are Hard Seltzers Bad for Your Teeth?

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With summer in full swing, nothing sounds better than sitting out by the pool sipping on a nice refreshing beverage. Now, before you go reaching for another hard seltzer, have you ever stopped to consider that they might be hurting your teeth? Hard seltzers have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and it seems as though every brand on the market is coming out with new flavors. The “low-calorie, low-sugar” advertisement is undoubtedly appealing, but could they still be hurting your smile? Well – there’s good news and bad news. Below we’ll explore the pros and cons of drinking hard seltzers as opposed to other common drinks. We’ll also discuss a couple of dental tips to keep your teeth healthy. Family Dentistry of Columbus is dedicated to serving the city of Columbus with exceptional dental care. Schedule your next teeth cleaning appointment today!

The Hard Truth About Hard Seltzers

Hard seltzers are the generic name for alcohol and flavored sparkling water. Their popular selling point is that they are typically low in sugar and low in calories – some brands are under 100 calories. When it comes to drinks, alcoholic or not, one of the main factors in how damaging they are to your dental hygiene is the sugar content. Any drink that contains sugar is bad for your teeth. Despite hard seltzers generally having low sugar content; any sugar is harmful. Not to mention, alcohol itself is made with sugar. Compared to sodas or common mixed drinks made with fruit juices or sodas, the sugar content is preferable. That being said, they are still not healthy for your teeth. All more reason to schedule your next teeth cleaning at Family Dentistry of Columbus today!

Another potential downside to hard seltzers is the level of acidity. Acidity wears away the enamel on your teeth. Your enamel is what protects your teeth from harmful bacteria and decay. Unfortunately, once your enamel is gone, it’s gone for good. Most sparkling waters (alcoholic or not) have a higher acidity level than still water. Factor in the added sweeteners and flavorings of your favorite hard seltzer and excess consumption could lead to the breaking down of your enamel, tooth sensitivity, and even tooth decay. Alcohol also dries out your mouth and inhibits saliva production. This prevents the beneficial nutrients and bacteria from creating a healthy environment in your mouth. Here are a few dental tips to help minimize these risks. 

  • Drink a glass of water after every hard seltzer

Drinking a glass of water after each hard seltzer not only helps to slow the effects of alcohol (and therefore, any hangover), but it also washes out your mouth of any potentially harmful acids. 

  • Choose a gin and soda instead

Gin is low in sugar and has one of the lowest acidity levels of all spirits. Additionally, by choosing soda water instead of tonic, you can further reduce the amount of sugar in your drink. Add a squeeze of lime, or, better yet, cucumber to enhance the flavor and add a refreshing twist.  

What Now?

All this being said, enjoying one or two drinks every once in a while to enjoy the summer is not likely to cause any major issues. By following our dental tips listed above, you can reduce your risk even further. However, if you drink hard seltzers more regularly and are concerned about your oral health, Family Dentistry of Columbus is here to help! Our dental office is unique and distinctive because we incorporate skill, experience, and technology all under one roof. This allows us to provide the best possible dental care. From teeth cleaning to dentures, Family Dentistry of Columbus offers a wide range of services to fit your dental needs. 

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