Dentist Day, Book Your Dentist Office Cleaning

Spring is here and National Dentist Day just occurred! What better way to celebrate than scheduling you and your loved one’s dental cleanings at Family Dentistry of Columbus, GA. When choosing your dentist’s office in Columbus we know it can be a difficult decision, but our office has the years of experience and dedication to our patients to be your number one choice.

Your Dentist Office in Columbus GA

We know that many people have hesitation when it comes to choosing a dentist’s office and dentist for your dental needs. Our dentist and staff at Family Dentistry of Columbus GA are here to help you feel not only comfortable at the office but assure you will receive the best dental care. 

Family Dentistry of Columbus is proud to serve the Columbus, GA area with professional dental services. Drs. Parker & Polk, along with their staff, work to meet your dental needs as gently as possible. We continue to work hard to stick to our founding principles every single day, with every patient … no matter what their dental needs might be. The dentist office staff at Family Dentistry of Columbus are experienced and willing to meet your personalized needs, from scheduled cleanings, custom dental services, and repeat appointments to meet your overall dental care needs. We are proud to serve the communities of Columbus, GA, Fort Benning, and Phenix City in Alabama.

At Family Dentistry of Columbus, we aim to make your experience with us optimum and hope that you feel a sense of trust and relief in our dental practices.

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Having your teeth professionally cleaned is an important part of dental care. You should schedule regular teeth cleaning appointments with your dentist’s office. Scheduling regular appointments to maintain a healthy smile ensures your teeth and gums are in tip-top shape. It can be tough to fit a dental cleaning into your schedule but it is well worth your time!

Regular cleanings can prevent more serious dental problems from taking root or help to diagnose them in the early stages. Teeth cleanings are also important to help maintain your overall physical health, as seemingly small issues with your teeth can point to more serious issues throughout the body.

Having your teeth cleaned by a trusted dental hygienist is a simple, one-appointment procedure that is covered by most insurance programs. It will also leave you feeling minty fresh and polished! (Who doesn’t love that freshly-cleaned feeling?!) Get those pearly whites the time and professional dental attention that they deserve.

Talk to us today about scheduling your next appointment at our office!