Have a Family Dentistry-Approved Halloween

Halloween is an ever-popular holiday with kids and adults alike – but it presents unique challenges to dental health. While a three-day candy binge might be a lot of fun, it’s not healthy for you or your teeth. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the festivities while protecting your teeth with these guidelines from your trusted Columbus, GA dentist, Family Dentistry of Columbus.

Don’t Overdo It On Halloween Candy 

Just about everyone loves Halloween candy, particularly the young and the young at heart. But indulging your sweet tooth a bit doesn’t have to lead to tooth decay! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few pieces of your favorites during trick-or-treating or a Halloween party. However, you don’t want to allow candy to linger on for days, or find yourself grabbing a sugary treat every time you walk past that bowl on the counter or at the office. Enjoy some festive goodies at celebrations, and then get back to a diet lower in sugar and healthier for both you and your smile. As a longtime Columbus, GA dentist, we always encourage our community to enjoy holidays but keep dental health in mind.

Allow children to enjoy their favorite seasonal treats, but set guidelines for reasonable candy consumption. Perhaps you allow one night of unlimited candy and then donate the rest or take it to a candy return program at your local Columbus, GA dentist. Or maybe you have a rule of three pieces per day. Whatever the specifics, choose a moderate amount that allows kids to enjoy the fun without exposing their teeth to constant attacks from sugar.

Drink Plenty of Water

If you’re enjoying sugary snacks, rinsing your mouth with water afterward can help remove some of the sugar from your teeth and cut down on negative side effects, from bad breath to cavities. If the water you are drinking has fluoride in it, you get even more protection from cavities. Plus, drinking water if you feel snackish can help you feel more full, which might help you cut down on mid-morning or mid-afternoon grazing on candy or other festive, sugary treats. Water also is a tooth-friendly substitute for sugary drinks – it’s much better to enjoy a couple of fun-size Kit Kats, which you eat relatively quickly, than a lingering sugary soda, which exposes your teeth to sugar for a much longer time.

Keep Up Good Brushing and Flossing Habits

Brushing and flossing remain the cornerstone of a good dental and oral health lifestyle. Make sure to take good care of your teeth by brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once daily. Don’t forget to ensure that you are replacing your toothbrush every three or four months, or whenever you notice visible signs of wear. A worn-out toothbrush is not giving your teeth the cleaning they deserve. Ask your Columbus, GA dentist for tips on choosing the best type of toothbrush for each member of your family.

Take The Opportunity to Educate Kids on Dental Hygiene

You don’t have to rain on everyone’s parade to take a few minutes around the most candy-centric day of the year to help your kids develop smart candy consumption habits. Helping kids choose candy wisely, moderate their consumption, and clean their teeth thoroughly will help establish healthy oral hygiene habits that will serve them well for life. Skeletons and ghosts might be creepy, but a mouthful of cavities? That’s really scary! 

Help the kids in your life remember to take good care of their teeth today, and they will thank you for it later.

Schedule a Check-up With a Columbus, GA Dentist

Perhaps the thought of all that seasonal sugariness attacking your teeth has you a bit more conscious of your dental health than usual. If you haven’t had a check-up and dental cleaning in the last few months, it’s time to call a Columbus, GA dentist and schedule one. 

Preventative care and maintenance result in a healthier smile and lower out-of-pocket costs over time. So this Halloween, you can enjoy your candy (in moderation) and feel much better about your oral health knowing that you are taking steps to minimize sugar exposure, and you have a dental cleaning coming up.

Family Dentistry of Columbus is Here to Help

At Family Dentistry of Columbus, GA, we emphasize the importance of preventative dental care and maintaining a healthy smile throughout the year. If you take good care of your teeth and gums on a regular basis, then there is no need to worry about a little extra sugar exposure around the holidays. At your next checkup, ask your Columbus, GA dentist and other dental professionals for extra tips on maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile all year. Need to schedule an appointment? 

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