Need Emergency Dental Services? Call Us!

Don’t wait until disaster strikes your smile to have a plan in place. Family Dentistry of Columbus, GA is a trusted provider of routine and emergency dental care services. Learn more about emergency dental services so you can be prepared in case of a dental health emergency. Questions? Contact us at (706) 563-5516 and our experienced, friendly dental staff will be happy to address your concerns.

How to Know if You Have a Dental Emergency

What constitutes a dental emergency? We consider any care that a patient needs as quickly as possible to be an emergency. A dental emergency could be the result of an accident, injury to your teeth, or an untreated underlying condition. Examples include a broken tooth or a severe toothache. No matter the cause, if you are in substantial pain and need relief as quickly as possible, you are experiencing a dental emergency. Call us immediately to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

If you are experiencing a severe medical emergency, you should call 911 or go to the emergency room. 

What to do During a Dental Emergency

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, there are a couple of actions you can take to manage the situation. First, seek out care as quickly as possible. At Family Dentistry of Columbus, GA, we are committed to seeing emergency patients as quickly as possible. Call us and we will do our best to get you into the office in the shortest possible amount of time.

If at all possible, arrive at your emergency dental services appointment with your dental records. Often your current dentist can send a digital version of your records directly to our office. You should also have a list of any medications you are taking, as well as other medical conditions you have. While there may be situations in which you aren’t able to gather information in advance, the more details you can share with your dental team, the better prepared they will be to help you identify the best care options. 

What to Expect at an Emergency Dental Appointment

Our experienced team of dental professionals will work to examine your dental health and history carefully and determine the best options for you to choose from. Dr. Parker, Dr. Polk, and the rest of the team are skilled in working with patients to find solutions that best match each situation.

We understand that a dental emergency, whether it is the result of an accident or an untreated condition, can be frightening and confusing. We will work with you to manage pain and support your dental health as much as possible while factoring in the cost of treatment and any dental insurance coverage you may have.

Preventing Emergency Dental Visits

Sometimes, emergencies just happen. You might be in a car accident, or become injured in a sporting event, and such injuries are unpredictable. However, many dental emergencies can be prevented entirely or greatly reduced with consistent routine dental care. Most dental insurance companies will cover two annual cleanings, and we highly recommend a dental cleaning and checkup every six months whenever possible. 

Having your teeth professionally cleaned regularly, in combination with good at-home oral hygiene habits, is the best way to protect your smile. Maintaining good oral health throughout the years can save you substantial amounts of pain, inconvenience, and expense, by preventing tooth and gum damage. Regular dental checkups are your best bet for identifying problems early to avoid serious symptoms and costly treatment. 

Family Dentistry of Columbus, GA is Here to Help

A dental emergency can be a stressful and alarming experience. Our experienced, caring dental team is here for you next time you need emergency dental care. Even if you do not require emergency dental services, we are here for your routine dental needs as well. If you haven’t had a routine dental cleaning or checkup in a while, call our office today and schedule your next appointment. After all, the best way to handle a dental emergency is to prevent it from happening! 

Call us at (706) 563-5516 and we’ll be happy to assist you with any concerns or questions.