Why Flossing Is Crucial to Maintain Your Dental Health: Dental Clinic Fort Benning, GA

“Don’t forget to floss!” is a common term you hear, both from family dentistry professionals and your mothers. But how many of you really floss? That is when you don’t have something stuck between your teeth. And why is it so important anyway? Of course, everyone believes that with so much emphasis set upon flossing and keeping your teeth in-betweens sparkling and clean. Everyone knows the reason exists…you might just not know what it is.

However, understanding the importance of daily flossing is an important step in dental health. Knowing why to do something can help keep you on track, and understanding the best practices when sliding that flossy string between our pearly whites. 

Create better dental practices by learning the science behind dental flossing from the family dentistry experts. 

Here’s Why You Should Floss, Despite the State of Your Dental Health

Whether you’re a teeth brushing junkie or someone who scoffs at the suggestion of good dental health, flossing your teeth is important to the health of your teeth. Flossing helps keep your teeth clean and removes harmful germs and particles that can get deep into the teeth and cause additional problems. Without flossing, you are far more susceptible to long-term dental problems, such as gingivitis or tooth decay which can leave you in immediate need of family dentistry care. However, regular flossing can help keep these hard-to-reach places clean and free of random food pieces that cause harm. 

Flossing reaches and removes particles that cannot be reached with a traditional toothbrush, or even special models, such as an electric toothbrush. Pairing a steady flossing routine alongside brushing is the only way to help ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy and clean as possible. 

In addition, regular flossing increases the health of your gums. Gums that are ignored or mistreated are more likely to develop disease or even loosen causing teeth to actually fall out of the mouth (yikes!).

And if those gums happen to bleed, floss on! Bleeding gums can actually help improve overall mouth health, allowing your gums to repair themselves and grow stronger, sturdier cells in their place. 

How to Floss: Eliminate a Call for Emergency Dentist in Columbus, GA

If you’re concerned about the logistics of flossing your teeth (we can’t help you with the moves of the ever-popular dance!), ask the dental assistant for help. Your family dentistry experts can show you the best practices for reaching deep between your teeth and how to floss as effectively as possible. While it might sound pretty straightforward, everyone’s mouth is different and the way in which you reach the teeth and gum sections can vary, especially after dental additions or procedures. 

Are you ready to add flossing to your daily dental routine? It’s a simple way to create healthier, happier gums going forward. As well as ensuring a healthier mouth overall.

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