Root Canals: What You Need To Know

You may have heard of the term “root canal” or you may have even had one yourself, but do you really know what the procedure is or why it is performed? This month we will give you all the facts and knowledge to help you be a more informed dental patient. At Family Dentistry of Columbus, we want you to receive the best possible care and feel comfortable in our dental office.

What is a Root Canal? Georgia Dental Clinic

A root canal is a dentistry procedure where your dentist removes the damaged part of a diseased tooth. By doing this procedure, your doc can potentially save the surrounding teeth from wear and further damage. The root canal will help heal the actual root of the tooth, eliminating your symptoms of pain and discomfort.

However, it can take multiple dentistry visits to allow the tooth to properly heal and react to the treatment. Your dentist may choose to use sealing medicine and/or a method of removing infected tissue as part of the root canal procedure. Since this procedure is invasive, your dentist will provide you with anesthesia to limit the amount of discomfort and pain you will feel. Patients often experience mild swelling and discomfort after the procedure and a few days post dental work.

If a root canal has been put off, it’s also recommended that a crown be used. Because the affected tooth becomes brittle, there is a high chance of it being broken or chipped, even after the root of the tooth has been healed. As soon as you suspect there is an issue with your teeth or gums, contact your dentist as soon as you can. This procedure may be prevented if the decay and damage are identified early on.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

According to the American Association of Endodontists, if you are experiencing pain or sensitivity in a tooth you should seek dentistry help. A root canal procedure can reduce pain and inflammation helping your teeth and gums be healthy. This procedure is performed millions of times each year and the dentists at Family Dentistry of Columbus are highly trained and professional.

Always contact your dental office if you have any of the following symptoms or concerns:

  • Cracked a tooth
  • Experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth
  • Sore gums
  • Sensitively to hot or cold

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If you’re having any dental pain or to determine if you might be a good candidate for a root canal, give Family Dentistry of Columbus a call today. Our dental professionals, Dr. Polk and Dr. Parker offer a low-stress environment in our office in Columbus, GA. We look forward to seeing your smile!

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