Tired of “Mask Mouth”? Freshen Your Breath!

One of the biggest cultural trends to come out of the pandemic is that of mask trends. From new styles and how to wear them to accessories, to the injuries – yes injuries – that folks get from long-term wear, the mask side effects are here to stay. And with that comes “mask mouth” or the phenomena where you are forced to smell your own breath throughout the day.

Less than glamorous, mask mouth comes from breathing onto your own mask and having the breath reflected back into your breathing space. Therefore, forcing yourself to breathe in your own bad air. Because if you aren’t minty fresh, it’ll catch up to you quickly. The harshest offenses take place after a meal or coffee. Yikes!

But don’t fret – with proper dental care throughout the day, you can lessen your chances at stinky breath and lead to a better day of clean breathing air. 

Tips to Freshen Your Breath and Maintain It

If you aren’t already, ensure you’re taking proper care of your teeth. This means brushing twice a day, with a toothbrush that’s been approved by the American Dental Association. Mouthwash and flossing are also part of proper dental health.

Next, consider freshening up after a meal, or whenever your mouth gets stale. Pop a mint or piece of gum to help your breath stay on its best behavior. If you do this to freshen your breath often, make sure you are staying away from versions that contain too much sugar, as you might be adding extra harm to your teeth’s enamel and outer layers.

Stay Hydrated for Better Dental Care

Another step you can take is to sip water regularly. Bacteria often builds or settles on your teeth and gums when your mouth is dry or stale, or when you’re drinking something that’s full of sugar. In contrast, water contains no sugar, making it teeth-friendly. And it can help keep bacteria in check by way of staying hydrated.

Maintain Normal Dental Checkups to Freshen Your Breath

Finally, bad breath can be the cause of many underlying conditions within your teeth or gums. Don’t let these concerns go unnoticed. Whether there’s something serious going on, or you just have a case of extra bad breath, your friendly dental team can help get your bad breath under control.

Remember to make and keep your regularly scheduled dental appointments. Then, if you have additional concerns about the state of your breath, be sure to bring them up at your next dental appointment.

Wearing a mask can alert you to the unsightly state of your own breath. But with a little perk in your dental routine, you can provide the minty boost you’ve been needing. Considering you are getting up close and personal with your own breath, these steps can only put your mind – and your nose – at ease.

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