What Are Dental Prosthetics?

At Family Dentistry of Columbus, we handle all areas of dentistry, including prosthetics. However, this is also a lesser-known area to those who aren’t familiar with the practice. If you have never had a dental prosthetic or haven’t been seen recently, you may not know what all it has to offer.

Dental prosthetics is the process of using artificial structures in the mouth, including teeth, pieces of teeth, jaw, and palate. This is often done if there has been an injury, or if an area is missing and/or soft. With dental prosthetics, you can restore proper dental health to your mouth, helping to eliminate pain, discomfort, or injuries that worsen over time. 

For many people, having dental prosthetics put into place can mean better quality of life, particularly with eating practices, and drinking liquids that are extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.

The Benefits of Dental Prosthetics

There are ample benefits to having your dental prosthetics procedure done in Columbus, GA. Take a look at this list to see just what you can gain from scheduling this dental visit.

  • Restoring shape to your mouth area and/or teeth
  • Restoring function to your mouth and/or teeth
  • Stopping further damage from taking place
  • Eliminating or lessening pain
  • Repairing damage after an injury or illness
  • Allowing for the body to naturally heal

If you’re interested in learning how a dental prosthetic procedure could affect your dental health, get in touch today. We’ll be happy to provide a consultation that discusses your particular dental issues and/or pains. Or, contact us at the front office to ask questions about fees, healing time, and more. We’ll be happy to assist you or get you on the schedule!

Who Needs a Dental Prosthetic Procedure?

There are many causes that necessitate a dental prosthetics procedure. It’s best to talk with a dentist and have them look at your particular case to determine if surgery is needed, or if a better form of treatment will be preferred.

In most cases, prime candidates for a dental prosthetic procedure are those who have had an injury, a dental disease that has caused decay, or those who have had dental work that has since expired or been damaged.

If you are dealing with a missing or damaged tooth, or a jaw and/or palate that has been damaged, you may be a good candidate for a dental prosthetics implant. Contact us today to learn more about your options for treatment.

Why Head to Family Dentistry of Columbus?

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