Is There a “Best” Toothpaste You Should Use?

Are all kinds of toothpaste created equally? Of course not! But does that mean there is a right or wrong product? Is one toothpaste better than all the rest? These are questions that we are often asked at Family Dentistry of Columbus. As a trained dental team, our patients come to us for advice on how to best take care of their pearly whites.

But this is a question that deserves a far more nuanced answer than yes or no. Sure, some toothpastes are made of higher quality than others. But is there a best brand? It depends on who you ask. But more importantly, it depends on the individual’s teeth.

Each patient will have different needs when cleaning their teeth and gums, so it’s important to address any individual conditions you might have. With that means choosing the best toothpaste (and toothbrush, floss, etc.) to help you do so. You can find the best toothpaste for your dental care needs by talking to your dentist or a member of your dental team. At your next appointment with Family Dentistry of Columbus, bring up your concerns. Do you have sensitive teeth? Are you concerned with whitening or cavity prevention? 

No, the “right” toothpaste isn’t a magic cure-all for good dental health. But it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Talk to us at your next appointment to learn more about toothpaste options.

What’s in Toothpaste, Anyway?

Each brand of paste will have its own ingredients. Most include various ingredients, like fluoride, flavoring, dye, and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), also known as the stuff that makes it foam! (For those who dislike this feeling, there are plenty of toothpaste options that do not foam or include SLS).

The main take away is to do your research. What purpose does each ingredient serve? Is it important for you to use organic or natural products? By putting your own wants first and learning what toothpaste brands have to offer, you can work to find the best solution to your dental needs.

Dental Health Made Easy: Columbus Dentist

In your journey to maintaining proper dental health, remember to brush regularly with a toothpaste that’s dentist approved. This is one of the first steps to keeping your teeth clean, fresh, and healthy at all times. A good toothpaste has effects that last – don’t skimp when it comes to keeping your babies clean! Next, consider steps like regular flossing, professional checkups to identify any underlying problems, and more. The earlier you can catch whatever is going on under the surface, the easier the damage can be reversed. Save time, pain, and dollars with regular dental checkups.

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