Keep Dental Health in Check During Unsettled Times

Life, as we knew it a few months ago, has changed. The world had several norms completely adjusted in recent months, and it’s uprooted the way we do so many things. Events as seemingly simple as making a dental appointment have been completely adjusted, and that has meant looking at a new way of doing things for the time being. Keep your dental health in check Columbus!

Of course, as the state of Georgia begins to open back up, rules for appointments, visiting your dentist in Columbus, and more, will all undergo even more changes. For instance, remaining distant from others while in our lobby and more.

However, just because times are changing doesn’t mean you should let your dental health slide. Be sure you and your family members are still following smart steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy, even in the unsettled time that is COVID-19.

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Keep your teeth healthy and happy with smart steps that you can practice every day. Start with proper teeth brushing. Use a toothbrush that’s been approved by the American Dental Association and be sure to switch out models after an appropriate amount of time. (Look to packing for specific directions.)

Next, find a toothpaste that’s also approved for use. Your dental professional will also recommend a type that is best suited for any particular needs you have.

Be sure to brush at least twice a day, including after eating or drinking anything sugary. Set a timer and brush for two minutes so you can be sure you scrubbed each bit of your pearly whites.

Next, bust out the floss and put it to good use. Daily flossing can help remove unnecessary food particles or bacteria from taking root and causing damage.

Finish off the routine with mouthwash to help get that lasting clean feeling, and to kill off any excess germs.

This is the trifecta that can help keep your teeth clean, even when you’re in between dental visits.

Pay Attention to Dental Health Warning Signs

It’s also smart to listen to what your teeth or gums are trying to tell you. Do you have an ache? A sharp pain that’s suddenly developed? These pains are likely due to an underlying cause.

In the event of sudden or ongoing pain, call us at Family Dentistry of Columbus. We’ll walk you through your next steps and recommend any possible preventative measures from making the issue worse.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to keep your daily habits in check. Are you a soda drinker? Do you opt for sugary coffee all day long? Remember that these frequent sips can be far worse for your teeth than just downing your drink and being done with it. Find a balance between great-tasting drinks and dental health.

Call Family Dentistry of Columbus Dental Clinic

When you’re ready for your next dental visit, give us a call. With social distancing and the best safety practices in place, we’ll help you with all of your dental needs, including checkups, emergency dental services, and more.

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